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Welcome to St. Henry Morse Catholic Church, Diss


The Catholic Church of St. Henry Morse is located on Shelfanger Road in Diss,

Norfolk and serves Diss and the surrounding areas.  St. Henry Morse is the main

church in the parish of The Most Holy Trinity in the Diocese of East Anglia.


The Carmel of Quidenham is also located within the parish.


The Church of St. Henry Morse was completed in 2012 when it replaced the church of The Most Holy Trinity on Stanley Road.


We hope you find what you need on this website.

Mass Times for 23rd July to 31st July 2016 (see below)


Saturday                09:40 Rosary

                              10:00 Mass  Catherine & Reg Adams RIP (FM)

                              18:00 Mass  17th Sunday in Ordinary Time   

                                                   For the Parish


Sunday                 09:00 Mass  17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                                   Katherine Langton's Intentions

Monday                 09:30 Mass 

Tuesday                09:30 Mass  Fr. Mac's Anniversary RIP

Wednesday           09:30 Mass  

Thursday               No Mass

Friday                    09:30 Mass

Saturday                09:40 Rosary

                              10:00 Mass  For the Parish

                              18:00 Mass  18th Sunday in Ordinary Time   

                                                   Katherine Leadbetter RIP

Sunday                  09:00 Mass  18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                                    Maureen Smith's Intentions  


Masses at Quidenham Carmel:  Sunday 10:30; Weekdays 08:00

Regular Mass Times>>